With the electronic room-acoustic system VICELLO you transform your room into a concert hall with natural-sounding acoustics. At the push of a button acoustically dry and damped rooms develop a vivid and free room sound, multiplying the joy of singing and making music. Suddenly the room carries the music and a clean intonation becomes an effortless matter of course.Like in a concert hall, room acoustics also play the decisive role in an auditorium, assembly hall, a multipurpose hall or in the hall of a music school. Only if the sound of the instruments can fully develop, the artistic performance becomes a really unique experience for musicians and audience. With the right acoustics the room will be the instrument, a vivid and important part of the music.Small live rooms are often too loud. With VICELLO the music will not be louder, it remains detailed and transparent. After a short familiarization, it is hardly imaginable how music was played in this room before.


RangeVICELLO is an electronic room-acoustic system for music schools, rehearsal rooms and studios as well as for smaller auditoriums and conference rooms for the active design of room acoustics by means of electronic signal processing. Also in church rooms where room acoustics do not provide the sound support required for the organ, VICELLO offers completely new possibilities.

VICELLO is the basic version of the electronic room-acoustic system VIVACE. Whereas VIVACE with its comprehensive processor layers, manifold setting possibilities for the user as well as 3D-audio is perfectly suitable for concert halls, theatres, etc., VICELLO convinces with easily recallable setups for different room sounds. Thus, VICELLO is only suitable up to a certain room size and only for certain applications (see Table below).



Active Acoustic System

Vicello, Müller BBM